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In one of the most iconic car films ever, Ari Vatanen slides his way up the famous Pikes Peak in the most spectacular fashion, turning car control into a form of art.

For more than a century, people race cars up the famous Pikes Peak in Colorado. Since its first run in 1916, it was steadily gaining more and more popularity, eventually becoming  part of USAC IndyCar championship. However, it took until the 1980s before European rally drivers started to discover its magic and changed its character for ever, turning the hillclimb in a world-famous event.

It all with Michele Moutón’s win in 1984, with monstrous Audi Sport quattro, based on the Group B rally car. She returned the next year to collect another win starting a winning streak of European, rally-based cars, which endured until the end of the decade.

After four wins by Audi, driven by American legend Bobby Unser in 1986 and Group B veteran Walter Röhrl in 1987, it was Peugeot’s turn to show its speed on the famous hillclimb. In 1988, the Peugeot 405 Turbo 16 was driven by another rally icon, Ari Vatanen from Finland, who won the event with the time of 10:47.220 and held the record until 1993.

A year later, the same car was back, this time driven by Robby Unser, son of Bobby Unser who drove for Audi three years earlier. Although he didn’t broke Vatanen’s record, he managed to score another win.

Both runs were filmed by Jean Louis Mourney and then combined into a fascinating short film. In less than 5 minutes, it takes us to a fascinating trip up the mountain, the car sliding and drifting at the edge of the cliff all the way up the summit.

But enough with words. Enjoy the film yourself!