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  • tricky-tarmac-rallyracc-catalunya

    Tricky tarmac | RallyRACC Catalunya

    2 min reading
    The 2022 season is coming to its finale, but even the penultimate round of RallyRACC Catalunya has not yet revealed which of the three drivers in the ŠKODA FABIA Rally2…
  • the-king-of-the-desert-skoda-afriq

    The king of the desert | ŠKODA AFRIQ

    4 min reading
    Students of the ŠKODA AUTO Secondary Vocational School of Engineering have built their eighth student concept car. For the first time, it was based on two ŠKODA production cars, the…
  • its-never-too-early-skoda-museum

    It’s never too early | ŠKODA Museum

    2 min reading
    There is a wise saying that: What's learnt in the cradle, lasts till the tomb. When it comes to the love of cars, there's hardly a better place in the…
  • rally-of-the-gods-i-acropolis-rally-greece

    Rally of the Gods I Acropolis Rally Greece

    2 min reading
    Acropolis is one of the most challenging events of the entire championship. The twisting gravel roads combined with high temperatures and choking dust present a fierce challenge for both the…
  • rs-family-speed-with-rally-roots

    RS family: speed with rally roots

    4 min reading
    Join us for a look at ŠKODA's current family of sportier cars, which has welcomed the RS rally car back into its ranks after nearly 50 years. The letters RS…
  • an-awesome-experience-right-at-your-fingertips

    An awesome experience right at your fingertips

    3 min reading
    Rally is an adrenaline sport that offers its fans an unforgettable experience. Not only can you safely view the cars during the competition weekend from the spectator areas along the…
  • tarmac-full-of-pitfalls-ypres-rally

    Tarmac full of pitfalls | Ypres Rally

    1 min reading
    The flat landscape of the Belgian Flanders promises at first sight an unpretentious rally that you can manage with one hand. But the opposite is true. Narrow and winding roads…

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