With the RS logo, Škoda gives its customers a taste of the motorsport gene. No wonder they are so popular among customers thanks to their speed and fun behind the wheel. Emil Lindholm will introduce you to the current range of RS models.

Octavia RS
The Octavia RS is the modern pioneer of the RS model range. Since 2001, it has defined the captivating character of the RS models with their perfectly blended mix of sportiness, dynamics, comfort, space and rich equipment. The longer body overhang behind the rear axle gives it not only great balance, but also a willingness to rotate around a vertical axis that turns the car pleasingly into a corner. The chassis setup is the perfect combination of precision and comfort. The car handles pleasantly and confidently even on broken surfaces. This is what makes the Octavia RS unique.

Kodiaq RS
If you prefer more space of the SUV category, the Kodiaq RS will fit you. It has the same engine as the Octavia RS TSI, so it certainly doesn't lack for power. The main advantage of this model is the excellent front axle grip, which is not common in SUVs. Even in tight corners, the Kodiaq RS holds the track really well. The combination of all-wheel drive and stabilisation system allows you to have fun with the car on snowy or gravel roads.

Enyaq RS
The RS logo can now also be found on the electric Enyaq Coupé RS iV and Enyaq RS iV models. With 300 horsepower, these are Škoda's most powerful production cars. Behind the wheel, you'll immediately notice how cleverly the Enyaq manages to mask its weight. A very low centre of gravity and rigid bodywork help it to do this, making it responsive to the driver's instructions.

Fabia RS Rally2
The average customer may not be able to get a Škoda Fabia RS Rally2, but if you're a competitive driver, then this is exactly the car you want to race on the stages. What's more, thanks to a number of improvements, it's now faster, safer and more durable.