In the last few weeks, we have written a lot about rallying in Finland, a country that’s considered by many to be the spiritual home of the sport. The Rally Finland starts the next Thursday and our team is already gearing up to the big event. Which means it’s perfect time to find out whether you paid attention to our articles and test your knowledge about rallying in its Mekka.

Hint: All the questions in this test are based on our recent articles and all the answers can be found in them.


Rally Finland is one of the most traditional events in the WRC calendar. In which year it was held for the first time?


Rally Finland is also known under a nickname that reflects one of its most typical features. How is it called?


Right from the beginning, the Rally Finland introduced an important innovation into the world of rallying, changing the face of the sport forever. What innovation was it?


In the early 1960s, a young Finnish rally driver used a ŠKODA car to win his class in the Rally Monte Carlo - twice. He also finished first in his class at the Rally Finland for two years in a row, coming 3rd overall in the first year and 2nd the year after that, beating cars with much larger engines. What was his name?


A sportier version of a popular family saloon, the car used by the driver from previous question was one of the important milestones in the ŠKODA Motorsport history and a popular choice among rally drivers at the time. What was its name?


The rally was originally named after the city where it starts and that, to this day, hosts the rallye's service park. Which city is it?


In Finland, there are several independent rally teams which achieve great successes with ŠKODA FABIA R5 cars. Which of the following ISN'T one of them?


TGS Worldwide is where careers of two current ŠKODA Motorsport drivers started. Kalle Rovanperä is one of them. Who is the other?


Printsport Oy is another successful customer team from Finland. It's biggest current star is polish driver Łukasz Pieniążek. The team also helped one of the current ŠKODA Motorsport drivers in the beginnings of his career. Which one?


One legendary special stage is missing from the Rally Finland's itinerary for this year, although parts of it are included in the Kakaristo stage. How is the missing stage called?