The best year in ŠKODA Motorsport history is over. Before we welcome the 2019, full of expectations and hopes, let’s revisit the last season once more. For the whole year, we informed you about the successes of both the factory ŠKODA Motorsport team and our wonderful customer teams. If you paid attention to our magazine and our social media, you know what we’ve been up to.

Do you remember everything? Now is the time to find out! Take our knowledge test and see how much do you know!


The 2018 season was the best in history of ŠKODA Motorsport. How many titles did the FABIA R5 scored around the world, on all levels of rallying?


The FABIA R5 is one of the most popular rally cars in the world. How many customer teams are using them?


Jan Kopecký and Pavel Dresler are enjoying unparalleled streak of victories in Czech Rally Championship - they have won every rally they entered in several years. When did it start?


Kalle Rovanperä celebrated his 18th birthday in October. What was his biggest birthday present?


If you wanted to give yourself a FABIA R5 as a late Christmas present, how much money would you need (besides the FIA racing license and a team)?


What is Pavel Dresler's job, besides being a rally co-driver?


This year, ŠKODA Motorsport got itself a new home. Where is it located?


At the first event of this year's WRC 2 season, Rally Monte Carlo, Jan Kopecký celebrated his 36th birthday by winning. On another rally, he celebrated the Czech Republic's 100th anniversary by becoming a WRC 2 champion. Which one was it?


This year, ŠKODA Motorsport drivers entered 227 stages in WRC 2. How many do you think they won?


How many rallies did Jan Kopecký entered and didn't win this year?


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