Have you ever imagined racing a car around your work desk, through your living room or in the park where you walk the dog? We bet you did – at least as a kid! And with MOTORSPORT AR app, you can do more than just imagine. You can take your phone and race anywhere you go.

All you need to do is download MOTORSPORT AR app to your iPhone (Android version will be available later), virtually place a FABIA R5 anywhere you want and start driving. Is racing around the kitchen table or down the supermarket aisle not interesting enough? Build your own track!

In the app, you have a choice of various obstacles, each of them typical for one WRC rally event. So you can place a water ford from Argentina on your desk, windmills from Portugals’s iconic Fafe stage in your kitchen or finish line under your bed.

Or, if you’re not in the mood to drive, you can just virtually place a life-sized FABIA R5 anywhere you want. How it would look inside your garage, or maybe a living room? You can even go inside the car and see how it would look to see your favourite road or street from behind the wheel of a rally car.

Have some fun with augmented reality and FABIA R5 right now! Download the MOTORSPORT AR app from the App Store and start rallying around!