The modernised ŠKODA FABIA, the FABIA Rally2 evo, set off on the rally stages in 2019, having completed thousands of test kilometres on gravel, asphalt, snow and ice. The aim was to develop a car that could take the capabilities of its respected predecessor even further. Within four years, it had won three world championship titles, hundreds of victories in competitions on every continent and had become the world's most successful rally car in its class.

The ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo belongs to the Rally2 group, which is strictly regulated by the FIA. Its aim is to create a group of cars with similar technical characteristics that will be affordable to private teams. The scope for development is therefore severely limited by many regulations, limits and rules.

This car, which is extraordinarily popular with drivers, is powered by a redesigned 1.6-litre engine that offers more power, more efficient cooling and lubrication and faster electronics than its predecessor. The gearbox has been adapted for this, while at the same time extending its service life. The entire body has been reinforced and the chassis has been given longer suspension travel for more grip in extreme conditions.

The FABIA Rally2 evo entered 2021 with another set of improvements. Changes included new engine mapping and a redesigned compressed air cooler and exhaust manifold. A third set of differential ramps has been prepared especially for low grip surfaces and the shock absorber specification for asphalt and gravel was also new. Further improvements to reliability, safety and crew comfort were also a significant part of the modifications - all details can be found here.

Journey of the New ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo to Victorious Rally Portugal 2019


Base Car ŠKODA FABIA 3. generation
Lenght 3 999 mm
Max. width 1 820 mm
Min. weight 1 230 kg
Bodyshell Modified for 4x4 drivetrain
Safety roll-cage
Turbocharged 4-cylinder 1620 cm3
Direct injection
Max. power 214 kW
Max. torque 425 Nm
5-speed gearbox
Manual sequential shifting
Mechanical differentials (front and rear)
McPherson Front and rear
Brake discs tarmac - Ø 355 mm / width 32 mm
gravel - Ø 300 mm / width 32 mm
Magneti Marelli
Fuel system
Special fuel tank capacity of 82.5 l
Consumption 0.6 l/km SS
Tarmac 8"x18" - min. weight 8.9 kg
Gravel 7"x15" - min. weight 8.6 kg