Barum Czech Rally Zlín 2015 is well under way and crews are trying to do their best at coping with local windy roads. ŠKODA Motorsport’s Jan Kopecký and Pavel Dressler are, of course, running as well, after gaining a valuable WRC 2 victory at ADAC Rally Deutschland.

If you count among the fans of the ŠKODA team and it’s green and white weapon, the ŠKODA Fabia R5, we have an unconventional contest for you. What do you have to do? Take a picture with a Fabia R5 (either a real one, displayed in ŠKODA Motorsport Park, or just an RC model) and share the photo on a social network (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) with #fabiaR5selfie hashtag. All these selfies will be included in a contest, the winners receiving 10 packages of gift items from ŠKODA Motorsport collection (a T-shirt, backpack, a baseball cap, a raincoat and other useful stuff that will come handy whether you go to a rally or anywhere else).

The ten winners will be selected by a jury during the week after the Barum Rally. There will be no draw, not any other kind of random picking. The authors of the most creative photos have the best chance to win. Your effort will be rewarded! So just take good look at the rules, grab your phone and go shoot a picture!