This one was impossible to overlook. The size, the airiness, the equipment and even the clean architecture in the typical ŠKODA design… Anyone who visited the Rally Bohemia service zone this year, couldn’t miss the huge ŠKODA Motorsport facilities.

This bunch could easily make living by building circus tents. They are well-coordinated, they skillfully climb the high scaffolding and they work really fast. Who are they? The eight-person team that builds the service facilities of ŠKODA Motorsport at each rally. At Rally Bohemia, they had to build a mobile garage for not one, but two Fabias R5, driven by Czech Jan Kopecký and Finn Esapekka Lappi. They were exactly identical to the ones used at WRC.

The building of the tent complex, which includes not only the main service area with car lifts and tools, but also the area for management, VIP and of course also catering, began the day before the rally itself. The facilities include amenities like electrical wiring or high quality plastic floor and carpets. The whole thing is transported in a support truck from one rally to another. If everything goes according to plan, the build takes no more than six hours. Dismantling and cleaning up takes four hours. And everything needs to be done anywhere, in any weather. This is just another part of the successful operation of high-end rally team.