If you are planning to go directly to Spain to support our ŠKODA Motorsport team we have some tips on where to go so you can fully enjoy the rally.

  • Thursday tip: the trip to spectator’s Special Stage 1 in Barcelona is worth to combine with a short visit of the city itself. The SS1 offers unique experience by watching the top-class rally cars weaving their way through the historic sites. History lovers will be enthused also by amphitheatre in Tarragona, situated in the close proximity to Salou.
  • Friday tip (gravel): the traditional spectator area by the small church on the longest SS Terra Alta (SS5 and SS6). By taking a walk against the SS road direction you can reach the ford or interesting jump (before the SS starts, of course!)
  • Saturday tip (asphalt): SS La Figuera (SS11 and SS14), the viewers‘ favourite hairpin in the El Molar village. Who wants to see a larger part of the track, prefers the driveway behind the El Loar village on the same SS.
  • Sunday tip (asphalt): the roundabout in the Coll de la Teixeta pass with the view of the whole coast hosts the PowerStage finish. If you are not interested in tyre burning on the roundabout you can just move away against the SS road direction towards the series of fast corners (before the SS starts, of course!). If you do not hurry with the homecoming you should not leave out the ceremonial finish on the Salou promenade.
  • The service zone in Salou neighbours the PortAventura amusement park. Try the longest and fastest roller-coaster in all of the Europe.
  • The seafood lovers should not leave out the local traditional seafood paella.