The WRC 2 season is over for ŠKODA Motorsport and with 1-2-3 finish already secured, our crews finally have time for some fun. To share the fun with you, we have prepared a series of challenges to our young drivers, Kalle Rovanperä and Juuso Nordgren. Let’s see what FABIA R5 can do when you unleash it on a runway!
The second instalment of our Rally Challenges series presented an opportunity for our young drivers to practice precise car control. Hitting the huge football with a donut in such a precise way to hit the goalpost was not easy, not even at the first glance, nor at the second.

This time, it will be a challenge not only for drivers but for co-drivers as well. We prepared a task for them that would allow them to give driving a shot as well – but since they are not as skilled with real rally cars as their colleagues from the left seat, we got them smaller cars. A lot smaller ones.
What they had to do was take RC models of FABIA R5 (like those you know from our video where they race through the factory) and drive through the racetrack set out by cones as fast as possible. When the RC model goes through the finish line, the driver with real FABIA R5 rally car can set out on the course.

As always, the secret was in precise car control, timing and perfect control of seemingly uncontrolled slides – with both the real rally car and the RC model. The crew that needs less overall time, wins. Who will be better in this miniature racing? And who will win the challenges overall? The third video will show you!