The WRC 2 season is over for ŠKODA Motorsport and with 1-2-3 finish already secured*, our crews finally have time for some fun. To share the fun with you, we have prepared a series of challenges to our young drivers, Kalle Rovanperä and Juuso Nordgren. Let’s see what FABIA R5 can do when you unleash it on a runway!
Driving fast in a straight line may seem to be easy. You just point the car straight ahead and floor it. The one with faster car wins. End of story. Or is it that simple? We decided to find out and put our two young rally drivers in two identical (save for colour scheme) FABIA R5s.

With the difference between cars taken out of equation, it’s all about your skills. And as it turns out, there is a lot to get right or wrong in a drag race. You have to launch perfectly, and in exactly the right moment. The shifting has to be perfectly timed. Everything as smooth and quick as possible.
And then, to make things more interesting, we added a U-turn. When the cars achieve the full speed, it’s time to turn around and return back to the starting line. Now, it’s about braking at just the right moment, and doing the perfect handbrake turn to lose as little time and speed and possible. Then, full throttle again and race back to the starting line!
To somewhat eliminate the factor of luck, we decided that to win, a crew has to win two runs, making the maximum possible number of runs three. Will it be a neck-and-neck fight, or will one of our youngsters achieve a clear victory? We won’t tell you any more, watch our video and see for yourself!

And don’t forget – Drag Race Challenge is just a start. The next up is Soccer Challenge. Don’t miss that one, it will be fun!

*Subject to publication of official results by FIA