The all-electric member of the RS family of road cars offers something for everyone. Power and handling for those who like a dynamic ride and comfort with plenty of interior space for those who prefer practicality above all. Simply RS as it should be!

As an electric car, the Škoda Enyaq represents a great basis for the RS version. What exactly? Well, it's simple. Placing the battery in the floor of the car very effectively lowers the centre of gravity, much like the heavy slats protecting the chassis of the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 competition car. It is through these that the rally car is adjusted to the actual needs of the various types and surfaces of the stages. The battery in the floor of the Enyaq RS provides another important advantage and that is the excellent torsional rigidity of the entire body. The rigid bodywork does not twist and helps the car's handling. The result is quick responses to steering inputs that make you feel like you're driving a car with a significantly lower weight. Along with all-wheel drive, it works brilliantly.

This is especially noticeable when driving on winding roads or in the snow. After a hard day's work, even a few kilometres in the 340-horsepower Enyaq Coupé RS is a great way to unwind. The instantaneous throttle response with the immediate onset of power from the electric motors adds to the dynamism. You can shift the RS nimbly from one curve to another, and the ESC Sport mode lets you offset the rear of the car slightly in the snow. Not as much as in a competition car, of course, because driver safety is paramount in normal traffic, but enough to put a big smile on your face. And driving emotion is another common feature of RS cars, the pure electric Enyaq not excluded.

Another advantage of the Enyaq and its electric drive system is the peace and quiet inside the cabin. The crew is in silent symbiosis with nature outside the windows. It's as if you can hear the wind in the treetops or the sound of the river flowing along the road. Your journeys of discovery take on a new dimension. In fact, it doesn't even matter whether you reach the destination of your journey of discovery by driving briskly or spending time on the road in a pleasant conversation with your loved ones. Because when you park the Enyaq RS or Coupé RS in the countryside, you feel like it belongs there and you've done your bit to preserve the beauty around you.