Škoda Motorsport is preparing a unique concept of the Enyaq RS Race electric car. It takes the carmaker's experience gained in motorsport and brings it to the world of production cars and sustainable mobility. Selected elements of the concept may appear on production cars in the future.

The Enyaq RS Race is a concept built without boundaries, so to speak. It is based on the production Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS, which with 250 kW of power and all-wheel drive is the most powerful production Škoda car. Compared to that, the concept is lower, wider, lighter and, as a result, faster.

The car takes advantage of the experience Škoda has gained, especially in the world of rallying. "Škoda Motorsport developed its first fully electric car in 2021," recalls Head of Škoda Motorsport Michal Hrabánek of the carmaker's involvement in the Baumschlager Rally&Racing team's experimental Fabia RE-X1. "We have learned a lot in the development of this car and we believe that now is the right time to move forward in this respect," says Michal Hrabánek. The car, he adds, is intended to help bring the Škoda Motorsport DNA into the world of production cars and sustainable mobility.

An actual car

The Enyaq RS Race is not just a design exercise in a drawer, so to speak. Škoda Motorsport is actually building the car. And although it is not a car that is bound by FIA regulations, for example, as it does not fall into any particular competition category, it makes extensive use of the Škoda Motorsport team's experience from the world of motorsport. "So it was clear from the very beginning that the design had to be emotive with a strong racing DNA," says designer Daniel Petr. "The car has a sharply cut front end, dramatic bumpers and a huge rear wing. Even on paper the car is fast, and that's always a good start," smiles Daniel Petr.

According to the authors, the car is intended to demonstrate the possibilities of the electric platform in terms of a combination of performance and sustainability. "It will bring a number of interesting technical solutions that we can apply to Škoda road cars. And that's the right way to go, because motorsport is not only supposed to entertain, but also to inspire," says Michal Hrabánek. The aerodynamics, for example, are very much inspired by the Fabia RS Rally 2 rally special, and just like the racing hatchback, the Enyaq concept has been given a large rear wing and a number of other details. All designed to make sense functionally, not just for effect.