Some changes have been made to the 2020 season of the FIA World Rally Championship categories, and some new categories have been added. We brought you an easy overview of the new “rally pyramid” in our recent article Season 2020: The End of the WRC 2 Pro and Simplification of the Rules. To ensure that the rallycars’ designations conform to the new groups and don’t confuse anyone, their names have been changed as well.

In line with the new FIA terminology, the ŠKODA FABIA R5 evo has been renamed ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 evo, and will appear under this name on the entry lists during the whole season. To make the terminology consistent, the FABIA Rally2 name will be retroactively used for the pre-modernisation FABIA R5, which was produced until mid-2019. The new designation will be used in all FIA and ŠKODA Motorsport official materials.

“This change, initiated by the FIA, is a purely formal decision, aimed to align the model names to the class designations. There are no changes from the technical point of view, and we will continue to supply our customers around the world with the reliable, high-quality car they know and like,” explains David Jareš, customer programme coordinator at ŠKODA Motorsport.

The ŠKODA FABIA R5 became a household name in the world of Motorsport and it’s by far the most successful and best-selling car in its class. The renamed ŠKODA FABIA Rally2 is bound to continue with this legacy, still offering the bulletproof combination of ruggedness, absolute reliability, good handling and speed in any conditions.