The Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 is an all-new competition car developed by Škoda Motorsport. One of the development drivers and newly crowned WRC2 World Champion Emil Lindholm will present the most important new features in 60 seconds.

The Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 will look to build on the previous highly successful Fabia Rally2 evo project. Emil Lindholm is one of the drivers who has extensive experience with both generations of the Rally2 class. He has been racing the Fabia Rally2 evo for several seasons now and has been involved in the development of the new Fabia RS Rally2 from the very beginning. And thanks to this, he can introduce the new car to you perfectly.

New platform
The car is based on the fourth generation of the Škoda Fabia production model. As a result, it has a brand new platform with a longer wheelbase, which, according to Emil Lindholm, contributes to better weight distribution and overall stability, especially at higher speeds. However, the car also benefits from improvements in other areas, such as aerodynamics. The new design of the front bumper is based on the production car and reduces air resistance at the front of the car. "The air flows more efficiently through the roof to the rear wing, which doubles downforce and improves stability," says Emil Lindholm.

A powerhouse under the bonnet
The biggest change to the new car is undoubtedly the all-new engine. The power unit is based on the two-litre EA888 engine family used, for example, in the Škoda Octavia. However, it has of course been redesigned for use in the Rally2 special class based on the FIA rules for this class. For example, its displacement has been reduced to 1.6 litres. "It has variable valve timing and a new turbocharger. This gives it more power at lower revs, so you don't have to change gears as much, and it saves a lot of time during the stage," Lindholm explains the change. Other elements of the powertrain have also been improved, notably the gearbox and differentials, which now have less loss.

Safety at the highest level
Škoda Motorsport has also taken the safety of the Fabia RS Rally2 to a whole new level. This is mainly due to the higher body rigidity of the production model and the improved safety frame. "In particular, there has been an improvement in the area of side-impact resistance, which is now significantly higher." Emil Lindholm describes the fundamental change. The seat and seat belt attachments are also new.

Refined to the last detail
The new Fabia RS Rally2 also has a number of improvements to the car's electronic equipment. For example, an enlarged main display and a central control panel with touch controls between the seats. This makes the car's controls clearer and more user-friendly. Emil Lindholm also notes the funny little detail of the start button in the logo on the steering wheel.

Ready for anything
According to the WRC2 category champion*, the Fabia RS Rally2 is also much more robust and durable than its predecessor. The testing programme during the development of the new car was very intensive and included all possible surfaces. The car has repeatedly stood up to even the toughest tests in the south of France. "We really put the car through its paces in the tests," says Lindholm. For the most demanding competitions in Turkey or Greece, the higher shock absorber travel and the overall very stiff bodywork will undoubtedly come in handy, allowing the drivers to use the car's dynamics to the full even in these extreme conditions.

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Emil Lindholm
Finnish rally driver Emil Lindholm is one of the sport's great hopes. Born in 1996, the driver follows in the footsteps of his father Sebastian Lindholm, who became Finnish rally champion eight times. The young Emil has already won the title in 2021 at the wheel of a Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo. This year, Emil Lindholm has moved up to the World Rally Championship, where he has achieved his greatest success in the WRC2 category with the Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo of the TOKSPORT team. Winning the World Championship title itself!