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The golden rule of rallying: To finish first, first you must finish. To be competitive, a new car must be reliable, even on the toughest stages around the world. Thus the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 needed to be tested on the toughest tracks.

To ensure the necessary reliability and durability, the Škoda Motorsport team tested the new rally special on the extremely demanding gravel roads of Fontjoncouse in the south of France, where they took it to the very limit of its capabilities. Some of the roads in this vast area are so rutted that even the teams participating in the Dakar Rally come here to prepare. "The tracks in Fontjoncouse are very, very difficult. There are big bumps, jumps, lots of stones on the road, so it's the best environment to test the reliability of a rally car. If the car survives Fontjoncouse, it will stand up to the toughest rally," summed it all up the test driver Andreas Mikkelsen.

„Durability is one of the key success factors of the current Škoda Fabia Rally2. This is a feature that is highly appreciated by our customer teams.“

Michal Hrabánek, Head of Škoda Motorsport

The reliability and durability of the car is the alpha and omega for every customer team. "If you can use the car components for a longer period of time, you save money on spare parts. At the same time, if the car finishes almost every rally, it increases the reputation of the whole team. The reliability of our cars is part of our DNA. That's why with every new model we put a lot of energy into ensuring a high level of reliability," summarised Aleš Rada, Head of Racing Car Development at Škoda Motorsport. And since Škoda Motorsport works closely with all of its customer teams, the development team also took their input into account in order to achieve the best possible results.

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