The Rally Sweden is the only truly winter rally on the WRC calendar. It sees drivers heading into the wintery forests of Sweden and neighbouring Norway, where they take on frozen tracks lined with the iconic feature of this rally – snow banks.

Drivers are leaning their cars into these banks to retain speed in corners, but if temperatures are too high, the banks can collapse. Everyone runs on studded tyres, which brings fresh challenges as drivers must break differently and deal with the sensation of floating. And with drivers and crews having to cope with temperatures as low as -25 °C, the Rally Sweden is one of the most daunting dates of the season.

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  • rally-sweden-tight-battle-up-until-the-end

    Rally Sweden: Tight Battle Up Until the End

    3 min reading
    Instead of snow, it was usually sparks flying off the studded tyres, there were no snowbanks for the drivers to lean on to and the shovels for digging the cars…
  • rally-sweden-starts-shorter-this-year

    Rally Sweden Starts, Shorter This Year

    2 min reading
    The second round of this year’s WRC season is the only one that’s run on snow, which means that special studded tyres play a big role here. Rally Sweden was…

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