Českolipsko is one of the cradles of motorsport in the Czech Republic. It is therefore fitting that it is the venue of a unique gathering of vintage cars, which spectators can admire not only in peace and quiet at the exhibition, but also in action on the local circuit. . It was a great spectacle and the Škoda Motorsport team could not miss it. Check out our report from the Czech Goodwood!

Back in 1903, the first race in North Bohemia was held on the Česká Lípa-Doksy track, the winner of which was a Laurin & Klement motorcycle. This was one of the reasons why the organizers decided to get back to their roots and establish the tradition of meeting classic racing cars, motorbikes and sidecars on the circuit in Sosnová near Česká Lípa. This is how the Sosnová Classic was born. The atmosphere of the gathering was great all weekend and the spectators definitely had something to watch. On the track, 120 sports and touring vintage cars, 20 formula cars and over 40 motorcycles, whose production dates range from the early 20th century to the present day, took turns in quick succession.

In addition to the classic Laurin & Klement motorcycles, one of the oldest four-wheeled participants was the exhibit of the Škoda Museum in Mladá Boleslav, a sporty L&K BSC from 1908. It is the only surviving specimen of the twelve produced. Together with the Voiturettas, they were among the first cars that the carmaker deployed in the category up to 1500 cc. Several years ago, the Laurin & Klement BSC sports car underwent a complete restoration, in which a team of experts drew on the surviving original drawings and other unique sources. "At the Sosnová Classic event, the Škoda Museum presented unique race cars from its collection in exhibition runs. Some of the cars could be seen in action for the first time in a long time, so the spectators could admire a pair of Václav Bobek's Škoda 1100 OHC and Miroslav Fousek's 1100 OHC Coupé from 1957 and 1959, an F3 monopost of Václav Bobek from 1965 and a special for endurance racing on circuits Škoda Favorit 136 L/H of the Kvaizar - Obermann crew from 1989, modified for the 1991 season."

The modern history of competition cars from Mladá Boleslav was represented by the Octavia WRC and Fabia WRC. The Octavia in particular is an interesting story of a car that rally fans know very well. On the track in Sosnová, the car which Roman Kresta drove in the Monte Carlo Rally in 2002 was presented. Yes, the very one that was left hanging on the wall leaning against the telegraph pole. This particular Octavia WRC recently returned to the Czech Republic, was refurbished and presented to the public for the first time at the Sosnová Classic event. It was followed by a Škoda Fabia WRC and the latest Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 with beautiful, dynamic cornering, with Škoda Motorsport test drivers taking turns behind the wheel.

Of course, other legends of Škoda Motorsport were also represented on the track. Spectators could enjoy the Škoda 130 RS and LR cars. There was also a unique circuit version of the Škoda MTX 160 RS of the popular Garde model, competition versions of the 1000 MB and 120 S Rallye cars. As part of the accompanying programme, visitors were also able to see the current range of RS cars from Škoda and try out one of the rally simulators behind the wheel of a virtual Škoda Fabia Rally2 evo. This year's Sosnová Classic was definitely a success and the next one, which will be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the legendary Škoda 200 RS, will definitely be worth it too. We are looking forward to it!