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  • successful-premiere-rallye-monte-carlo

    Successful premiere | Rallye Monte-Carlo

    2 min reading
    The premiere of the Škoda Fabia RS Rally2 at the World Rally Championship proved that this car is definitely not missing speed! Customer crews with the new car won 16…
  • places-where-success-is-created

    Places where success is created

    3 min reading
    Before the green-and-white Škoda Motorsport caravan hits the test tracks in various parts of Europe, it tests at three well-proven locations in the Czech Republic. We've visited all three of…
  • drive-like-a-pro-snow

    Drive like a pro: Snow

    2 min reading
    Snow and ice require extreme caution and a specific driving style. Experienced rally driver Kris Meeke will now give you a few tips on how to drive safely on these…
  • im-fulfilling-my-dreams-mauro-miele

    I’m fulfilling my dreams | Mauro Miele

    3 min reading
    Italian Mauro Miele won the WRC2 Masters title this year. How was his season; did he enjoy Japan where he beat almost all the Rally1 drivers and is he looking…
  • can-you-tell-the-difference-rs-vs-sportline

    Can you tell the difference? | RS vs. Sportline

    3 min reading
    Sporty models inspired by motorsport have long an inherent part of the Mladá Boleslav automaker. What is the difference between the character and driving features of Sportline and RS cars?…
  • family-with-motorsport-genes

    Family with motorsport genes

    2 min reading
    With the RS logo, Škoda gives its customers a taste of the motorsport gene. No wonder they are so popular among customers thanks to their speed and fun behind the…

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