The second part of our series with tips on great Alpine roads takes us to the pass made famous in one of the famous Agent 007 films. However, this, yet again, is a place for both enthusiastic drivers who appreciate sharp curves and for tourists who want to enjoy the views of, for example, the glacier in which the Rhône River rises. A drive over the Furka Pass is an unforgettable experience in every way.

As part of their exploration of the most beautiful Alpine roads, a rally driver Erik Cais and a navigator Julia Thulin set off on a roughly 30-kilometre route that takes them to the Furka Pass and its "twin", the Grimsel Pass. En this short route, they actually visit three Swiss cantons (Uri, Valais and Bern) and enjoy both spectacular curves and breathtaking views. But this time the weather is not so kind to them.

"You can plan a beautiful Alpine trip, have everything ready, but then you spend half a day sitting in a café because it's raining heavily and there's virtually zero visibility," Erik reminds us that it doesn't pay to rush in the Alps. "It's just the way the Alps are, you can't rely on the weather. But believe me, a trip over the Furka Pass is definitely something worthwhile," says the navigator.

Despite the rainy weather, naturally, the duo, this time with Erik behind the wheel of the Enyaq Coupé RS, certainly enjoyed the short trip. If you're all about a great ride and stunning panoramas, you can start in the village of Realp, located at an altitude of a little over 1,500 metres. Just outside the village, there is a series of sharp corners and climbs where the Enyaq Coupé RS proves its handling and its all-wheel drive comes in handy in such weather. This part is followed by a faster section where flatter passages alternate with sharp corners.

The climb up the Furka Pass takes the driver up to 2,346 metres above sea level. This is the highest point we will visit in our discovery series. The Enyaq Coupé RS literally feels like a fish takes to water in such an environment. Unlike cars with combustion engines, the electric car does not lose power with altitude, so the driver can always enjoy the power of the car to the fullest. It makes cornering a truly captivating, even addictive experience.

Moreover, if the local roads look familiar to you, know that the Furka Pass was made famous in the Bond film Goldfinger. It´s right here that Bond (Sean Connery) meets the vengeful Tilly Masterson (Tania Mallet) in a car chase. For the record, the car the agent is driving here has roughly similar performance to both the Enyaq Coupé RS and the Fabia RS Rally2 that Erik Cais tames in rally competitions.

Just over the top of the pass is the famous Hotel Belvedere Rhonegletscher, which, as its name suggests, overlooks the glacier where the Rhône River rises. Unfortunately, the hotel and its restaurant have been closed since 2015, but it does still offer the opportunity to stop by. From here you can continue on, the road here descends to the turnoff at the Grand Hotel Glacier du Rhône. Here, just turn right and follow the literally exemplary serpentine climb back up to the Grimsel Pass, which is at an altitude of 2,164 metres. This is a passage that is also very popular with cyclists, as the Tour de Suisse is regularly held here. Drivers should also be cautious of the rocks that often fall on the road here. This is also part of discovering the most amazing Alpine roads.

What´s waiting for us in the last episode are two passes on the Italian-Swiss border and we hope that the weather will be a bit more favourable.