In rallying, the ground clearance of a car set up for gravel brings a certain compromise. You'll never be as fast as you are on tarmac, but any driver will tell you that the fun you get for it amply outweighs everything. And that's exactly what the Kodiaq RS is. Fast enough on the tarmac, enjoyable off it and with generous space for everything you need. For a weekend adventure in the countryside, for example.

All you have to do is open the huge luggage compartment on Saturday morning, load up your camping gear and head out to explore more interesting places. The Kodiaq RS will not only take you everywhere you need to go, but you'll enjoy the journey itself. On the motorway, it pampers its crew with quiet comfort. On winding roads, it doesn't lack the agility and responsiveness of the RS models. The facelift has given the Kodiaq RS a TSI petrol power train identical to the one in the Octavia RS, replacing the Bi-TDI engine. And it's noticeable in the driving experience. The front is now lighter and the car is very responsive to the driver's steering commands. Remarkably, even with the higher ground clearance, the Kodiaq RS is hardly ever understeering and maintains a very nice rhythm in the corners, where you can feel very precisely what's going on under the front wheels.

All-wheel drive is also well tuned. When slipping at the front, the car engages the rear axle very smoothly, leaning into it beautifully when exiting gravel corners. If you set the stabilisation system to ESC Sport mode, the Kodiaq RS can even push the rear into a slightly oversteering skid. Precise and efficient, just like in a rally. The stabilisation still keeps a protective hand over you, but it doesn't spoil the fun. That's exactly how it should be, because especially on gravel or snow, the all-wheel-drive Kodiaq RS is a very fun car to drive indeed.

At your final destination, you may very well not want to get out of the fabulous sports seats with integrated head restraints. But that would be a mistake. While sometimes it´s not about the destination, it´s about the journey itself, the Kodiaq RS is designed to be your partner in exploring new and exciting places. The deeper into the wilderness the better, because there are very few roads it can't handle. And you know what? After visiting a beautiful viewpoint, an ancient castle or a quiet, deserted camping spot, you can look forward to heading back again. RS smile guaranteed.