Any rally driver will tell you that the steering wheel of their competition car has magical powers. When he grips it tightly and takes to the track of a special stage, the worries of the outside world are suddenly forgotten. A smile appears on your face, adrenaline floods your body and suddenly there is nothing but focus, emotion and fun. And that's exactly what the production RS models can do too.

If you've had a hard day at work or want to go for a brisk drive on a quiet weekend morning, the Octavia RS is the perfect partner for you. Since the first generation launched in 2000, this model has offered a captivating combination of easy-to-reach speed and a well-tuned chassis that, as well as providing a sporty ride, also offers great everyday comfort. This is exactly the DNA of the RS production models.

The current Octavia RS is already the fourth generation. Compared to the previous one, it has added a little extra speed and the chassis set-up is sportier. In the words of rally drivers, the Octavia is now more precise and quicker to respond to steering wheel inputs. And these are the things that can put a smile on a driver's face.

Just settle into the fabulous sports seats, press the start button and fully immerse yourself in the world of driving experiences on your favourite road. The more corners, the better. The power of the two-litre engine has climbed to 245 horsepower, and the chassis can really bite into the tarmac, especially in fast corners, and not budge a millimetre. The Octavia RS will serve you speed with the same confidence and assurance as its rally cousin, the Fabia RS Rally2. The motorsport genes are clearly evident with every movement of the steering wheel. And it doesn't really matter whether you're on an adventure, on a family road trip or just need to clear your head after work on a few miles of your favourite road. Her driving therapy always works great!