The fact that rally drivers can inspire you to improve your own driving skills is pretty obvious – but have you ever realized that they can also motivate you to live a healthier lifestyle? Although people don’t think of rally drivers as top athletes, that’s exactly what they are. Driving a competition car is incredibly demanding physically and requires the crews to be in top shape.

To stay fit, rally drivers basically need two things: a good, balanced diet, and an exercise plan designed to keep them lean, but with enough upper body strength to maintain control of the car at all times and to improve their endurance. This helps them to withstand long, gruelling rallies.

You, of course, don’t need to be as fit as a top athlete, but that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from some inspiration taken from the rally world. Over the course of the season, we’ve prepared a series of articles that show you how to eat and exercise like a rally driver. We added some tips for stretching on the road,s and to make things more interesting, added a series of articles about local cuisines at different WRC rallies and how to fit them into your healthy lifestyle. Let’s revisit these articles now.

Exercising Like a Rally Driver

In this series, we began with an overview of what the rally drivers need to achieve, and then moved on to show you some good exercises for the off-season time that will help you stay in shape – or get back into shape after the holidays. Then, we moved on to some exercises that you may find useful on the road, when you’re tired and stiff from long driving, which we have covered in two articles, one with 7 best stretches and second with 3 best exercises to regenerate after a long drive.

Eating Like a Rally Driver

What to eat if you want to keep your body well-fuelled like a rally car, but also need to stay lean and fit? First, we have laid out some general rules for keeping a healthy diet, and then we illustrated them with concrete examples from local cuisines at the rallies in Turkey, Wales, Spain and Australia. You may find them handy in your home as well!